Saturday, December 10, 2016

Organized BIG Ideas Conclave 2016

Asian School of Business Management, Bhubaneswar organised Big Ideas Conclave in collaboration with RHS (Names can be added) on 17th Nov 2016, for the management students in its premises.
The programme was attended by students from ASBM PGDM and IPS , and contributed innovative ideas based on DC-DC Motor converter, Waste Management, E-Learning ,Healthcare equipments and Bio-Stoves. 

The speaker in the technical session were Rajesh Shashidhar, Chief Mentor-RHS , followed by Harpreet Kaur, Co-founder at Florentino Play School. 

Big Ideas Conclave was conducted under the flagship of Business Incubator Centre of ASBM, headed by Prof. Dr.Saikat Gochhait.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Organized Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp on 15th to 17th Sep 2016

Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is different from what it was years ego. Addressing the need of the time, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Asian School of Business Management has organized a three day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp in collaboration with NSTEDB, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad. While introducing the theme of the Camp, Prof. (Dr.) Biswajeet Pattanayak, Director, ASBM shared how an innovative idea is more important than money to be an entrepreneur. He named five 'I's -  intention, inspiration, initiative, ideas and innovation - as essential feature for a successful entrepreneur. 

Guest of Eminence of the occasion Mrs. Jayashree Mohanty, President of Luminous Infoways Pvt. Ltd. laid emphasis on the role of technology and communication in entrepreneurial venture.  She presented a beautiful picture of evolution of entrepreneurship in the historical context with Indian values.
Shri Srijat Mishra, Managing Director & CEO, Kalinga Soft, Guest of Eminence explained the key touch points of entrepreneurship. He stressed on concepts like creativity, perseverance and resourcefulness as prime requirement for an entrepreneur.
The event has witnessed participation of more than 200 students from various B-schools. The mentorship partners of the event were Sakrobotix Lab, JYODIV Technology. Knowledge Partners were CTTC, Bhubaneswar, National Innovation Foundation – India, MSME, Women Entrepreneurship & Empowerment and Lemon School of Entrepreneurship. This programme was sponsored by Bisleri and Luminous Infoways.  Odisha.Live joined the event as the media partner. Introduction of the guest was given by Prof. Saikat Gochhait, Coordinator, EDC and Dr. Sadanand Meher, Faculty, ASBM proposed a vote of thanks.
The inaugural is to be followed by several interactive sessions and workshops targeting innovations in entrepreneurial venture. The workshops and discussions are to be conducted by subject experts and eminent entrepreneurs. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Thursday, June 2, 2016 Singapore Visit from 25th April to 1st May 2016 Singapore Visit from 25th April to 1st May 2016: 1 ST DAY (Half day) NEWATER PLANT VISIT After reaching Singapore first we learned what is the main problem in Singapore so that they ... New Assignment as Head-Business Incubator Centre:M... New Assignment as Head-Business Incubator Centre:M...: As the state government is working on formulating a startup policy to promote and facilitate entrepreneurs in the state. ASBM has initia...

New Assignment as Head-Business Incubator Centre:MSME,Govt of India

As the state government is working on formulating a startup policy to promote and facilitate entrepreneurs in the state. ASBM has initiated to create ecosystem for new innovative ideas from students from different background irrespective of education parameters. It will work together with some startups from Singapore like IExperience and Apple Seed to work jointly for creating the mindset of entrepreneurship in the present scenario of unemployment issues.  Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India has recognised prestigious B-school ASBM as Business Incubator Centre of Government of India. ASBM is the only management institute of the state which got this distinction. Business Incubator Centre holds significant importance in a country like India as entrepreneurs by the score are launching new setups and changing the game of business. Now ASBM incubation centers will provide support functions, mentorship and resources to individual entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial setups. The institute is forging ahead with the existing entrepreneurial activities to support, the vibrant student body on campus for encouraging entrepreneurship among the students and beyond.

It is worthwhile to mention that Entrepreneurship Development Programmes are being organized regularly by ASBM to nurture the talent of youth to motivate them towards self-employment. Now Comprehensive training programmes will be organized to upgrade skills of prospective entrepreneurs, existing workforce and also develop skills of new workers. This is going to add substantial value to the state of Odisha. ASBM has pioneered in taking initiative for women entrepreneurship. The vision of Prof. (Dr.) Biswajeet Pattanayak, Director ASBM, to empower talented youth towards self-employment now become a reality.  Dr. Saikat Gochhait, Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Development Cell will be the head of ASBM Business Incubator Centre.
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Singapore Visit from 25th April to 1st May 2016

After reaching Singapore first we learned what is the main problem in Singapore so that they have over came it and how they have planned and implemented it, so here are some points that has been observed:-
In Singapore the main problem is water where the sources of water are very few but as per management and their government they have overcome their problem.
·         Beside the rain water and sea they have created another source of water which is known as NE WATER.
·         So they have created a water technology where they can overcome the problem.
·         They collect the water from the sewage and waste water like bathing water and etc.
·         After collecting that water they send it to treatment center where water gets treated and then it’s passed through new technology that is three step of water treatment.
·         First step Microfiltration or ultra filtration in this step the treated water is micro filtered with highly used technology where it goes to second step.
·         Second step is reverse osmosis where the invisible bacteria were treated and killed where the water is considered as drinking water, to have more purity they send it to last and third step.
·         Third step is ultraviolet disinfection where through ultraviolet ray the drinking water is passed and it is done for additional safety.
·         And then the water is packed.
·         After that we took a vow that we should conserve vale and enjoy the water.
Learning point
·         How they have created new innovative ideas
·         The managing style of industry with few employees by depending upon new technology.

·         And how to create own resources.

Second session industry visit (Two industry visit)
Singapore maritime Gallery
·         World biggest port in shipping and Singapore major hub port.
·         Backbone of Singapore where the government is fully depends upon it.
·         Associations of Singapore marine industry (ASMI) introduced PORTNET first nationwide business to business port community IT solution.
·         It is the first country to establish a national standard for bunkering.
·         In logistic sector it is highly equipped and mechanized in proper way.
·         All highly innovative technology were used to make it smoother as it is the most busiest port in the world.
Learning Point
·         How they have generated different containers for different products to handle.
o   Reefer
o   Open side
o   Open top
o   Flat Rack
o   Tank
o   Garment on Hanger

·         How they have different ships for all product for faster moving.
·         How the ships are designed in proper way.
·         How to take initiative towards greener ship.

Next we had visited Ministry of National Development , Singapore 
Where we studied the urbanization of  Singapore from rural hub to Urban hub of smart city.

Visit to Management Development Institute of Singapore Campus for self study analysis of Education system

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