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Friday, September 10, 2010

4th International Colloquium on Business & Management-Bangkok 2011

Welcome to the website of the International Colloquium on Business & Management (ICBM). We are proud to announce our fourth conference, to be held from 24-27 January 2011 at the Ramada D'MA Hotel in central Bangkok, Thailand. This is in conjunction with our partner event, the International Conference on Business and Management Education.
ICBM 2011 is intended as a forum for academics and practitioners to meet and discuss the diverse realities of business and management around the world. We thus invite interesting submissions in all areas related to the conference theme, which this year is "Business, Management and Poverty Reduction". We also welcome submissions on other topics, such as Sustainable Business, Human Resource Management, International & Cross-Cultural Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting & Corporate Governance, Gender and Management, Business and the Millennium Development Goals, and Business Communication.  We particularly welcome papers that employ novel or interdisciplinary approaches, perhaps drawing from areas of sociology, economics, psychology, cultural studies, history, gender studies or politics. 
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Letter of Thanks from Editorial Assistant-Journal of Economics and International Finance

share my letter of thanks from the editorial assistant of Journal of economics and international finance...visit

Letter of Appreciation from Dr. P.C Tripathy-Sambalpur University-Orissa-India

Dear Students and Friends Share my Letter of Appreciation from respected Phd. Guide Dr. P.C Tripathy-Sambalpur University..Read it..visit

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amity Fest-AYAM '10

Amity Fest-AYAM'10 on 1st and 2nd April 2010
It was 2nd consecutive fest organized by Amity University for AYAM-2010 at the campus on 1st and 2nd April 2010. It has some of the events such as Dance, Quiz, Singing and Fashion Shows were the major activities which students from different colleges participated at the fest. Taxila Business School was one of the team participated in Singing Competition-Mr. Abhishek Nigam-MBA Students, who made to final round on the 1st Day of the event.

Mr.Abhishek Nigam-MBA Students-Taxila Business School

Then we had stunning performance by MBA students on the stage with there group dance by Ms. Snow Gupta and Ms.Namrata Maniar-MBA students from Taxila Business School.

Ms. Snow Gupta and Ms.Namrata Maniar-Taxila Business School
Kindly forward your suggestion and watch the vedio of the event on the

Saturday, March 27, 2010

National Seminar on Emerging Trends and prospects in Rural India-Bikaner on 2nd-3rd Oct 2009

It was rare opportunity for students if NIMS to partcipate in any competition , but one of the students of MBA-Intergrated made it be part of the National Seminar on Emerging Trends and Prospects in Rural India on 2nd and 3rd Oct 2009 at Bikaner. As there were partcipants from different college and B-schools to have a platform of putting their best effort of presentation on different topics related to the Theme on Rural aspects.
Ms.Shruti Upadhayay-MBA-Integrated
She participated and had talked on the topic -Case study-PAN PRD Retail Sector-as retail industry is one of the major industries in world, whereas China retail industry is the third largest emerging retail market. The above case deals with the strategies which China has implemented to be ahead of US and India...any further suggestion kindly mail on

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 International Business & Economics Research Conference to be held at Caesar’s Palace, October 11-13, 2010

Papers are peer reviewed in the sessions. Papers winning the “Best Paper Award” will automatically be reviewed for possible publication in one of the Clute Institute academic journals. Your paper or abstract will be published in the conference program and proceedings......

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sixth Annual Research on Entrepreneurship Conference 2010

George Mason University School of Management proudly present the Sixth Annual Research on Entrepreneurship Conference on
Friday, March 26th 2010

Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (followed by a Reception)

Location: George Mason University, Fairfax Campus, VA 22030

At MERC, we firmly believe that research in Entrepreneurship is not the domain of any one academic discipline. Hence researchers from all academic disciplines across the mid-Atlantic are invited to participate in the fourth annual event. You are invited to submit research work that can conceivably be connected with any dimension of Entrepreneurship such as regional development and role of government, risk taking, engineering and innovation, autonomy and leadership. Examples of such academic work can include, but is not limited, to: creativity and innovation, new product or process development, examining the opportunities to change an industry, a community or our society through entrepreneurial activities, role of information technology in Entrepreneurship.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Nacef Mouri
Date: Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 2:04 AM
Subject: Your submission to MERC 2010 (acceptance notice)

To: Saikat Gochhait
Cc: "Prof. Joshi "

Dear Saikat

We are pleased to inform you that your submission (Strategic Predicament of IFGL Refractories Ltd) has been accepted for roundtable feedback session at MERC 2010 on March 26th. Please note that at least one of the authors must register for the conference. You will receive an official acceptance letter shortly, but since you are out of the country, we wanted to give advance notice so that you can benefit from the early bird discount. Please reply to this email and confirm that you will be attending the conference as this will help us finalize our schedule for presentations. Please note that your other submission (CSR as a Tool for Re-Branding) was not suitable for the theme of the conference and therefore not accepted for presentation.

Registration is now open and the early bird discount has been extended until March 15th. Please visit our website for further registration details:

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Nacef Mouri, PhD
Assistant Professor of Marketing-School of Management-George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030-
Tel: (703) 993-1769: Fax: (703) 993-1809

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tata Crucible Campus Quiz Competition-2010 at Jaipur

Ms.Preeti Agrawal and Ms. Ritu Rajgharia(MBA Students-Taxila Business School)
Mr. Ganesh Singh and Mr. Nayan Shukla(Taxila Business School)

The day was 5th of March. We had send two teams from Taxila Business School-Jaipur in the hopes of making a mark at the Crucible event happening at Jaipur. Though I had not set my hopes too high, I was pretty confident about that our students would surely learn , because the primary opponents in Rajasthan were BITS-Pilani teams themselves. But fate has its games.

Winners-Arya University
I will get to the questions directly, and want to keep this post strictly business. The Tata Crucible 2010-prelim round quiz was won by Arya University, Jaipur, followed by BITS-Pilani as runners-up.


1- Whose tagline “Used by men, enjoyed by women”


2- This magazines 1st issue had Marliyn Monroe on its cover and the magazines had no date coz its publisher was not sure whether there will be a 2nd issue?


3- Pic of Montek singh ahluwalia.

4- Which co acquired Viva & Maltova from jagajit industries?

Glaxo smithkline

5- Which famous home appliances co was founded by Thomas alva Edison?


6- Pic of brand mascot tony the Tiger?


7- Which famous institution was established in New Delhi under the aegis of

Colombo plan?


8- Which great voice of India once endorsed glycodin ?

Lata Mangeshkar

9- Screw it lets do it?

Richard Branson

10- Advertisement tagline “the new size zero”

Sony vaio

11- New and old logo of Dabur.

12- Which business group makes Ajanta & Samay clocks ?

13- “Sense and Simplicity”


14- Time magazine cover showing Larry page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt

15- slogan “57 varieties”

Heinz Ketchup

16- Pic of Chevrolet Beat

17- NDTV good times, Who is JV partner?


18- Which Japanese co is worlds largest tyre manufacturer?


19- While working as chemist at J Lyons & co. which future british PM helped them develop a method for preserving ice cream?

Margaret Thatcher

20- sound clip of ‘dance pe chance maar le’ , Identify the production house

Yashraj films


1) What is the tag-line for Youtube?

Broadcast yourself

2) Air Jordan, was the first Nike shoe not to feature what?

The Swoosh, the Nike logo

3) What is the Lifeline Express undertaken by Tata?

It is a hospital on rails, for the Bihar Chattisgarh belt.

4) Which TV channel advertises itself as India’s Glamour and Lifestyle channel, and connect it to a major media group in India of not necessarily the same medium?

Zoom, an undertaking by the Times of India Group

5) Who endorses Samsonite?

Richard Branson

6) The Hollerith Corporation became what in the future?


7) What isthe trading symbol of Agilent Technologies?


8) This airline’s call sign is Speedbert. It’s predecessor was “Imperial Airways“. It has served several countries around the globe. Name the Airline.

British Airways

9) Which great iconic character was created by Bobby Kooka?

Air India Maharaja


1) Packaged Holiday or Holiday packages was an idea started by this individual in 1851 between Leicestershire and Loughborough?

Thomas Cook

2) Why is the Rupee used as a currency in S.E. Asia?
Rupee derives from Rupiah which in Sanskrit means ‘wrought silver’. People in ancient India used to trade in pieces of silver long before.
3) A 2009 product was called the N95 mask, why was it called the N95 mask?
N95 mask was used in the swine flu affected regions of the world. 95nm was the filtering capacity of the mask.

4) When Marcus Junior visited the Black Sea Coast, he found the potential of transporting huge amount of something. He then built 8 ships for doing that. what are we talking about here?

The Royal Dutch Shell Company

5) In UK, its called the Asda, in Japan it is called Seiyu and in India the Best Price. What?


6) Launched in June 1,19980 by David Walker and Lois Hart, the couple, it calls itself the “World’s most trusted name in their business“?



1) “Please help yourselves” is the tag-line of which organisation?

Tata Ginger

2) Enigma is a line of optical frame solutions from which company?

Tata Eye Plus

3) What is “Tata Nagar“?

Armoured Carrier, Wheeled, Indian Pattern (ACV-IP), known also as Indian Pattern Carrier or under other similar names, was an armoured car produced in India during WW 2. Those produced by Tata Locomotives were called “Tatanagars” after the location of the works.

4) Complete the list. N Chandrashekaran, ……………………, F.C.Kohli

S Ramadorai

Monday, February 8, 2010

Singapore Tour -Advance Management Programme at Nanyang Business School, Singapore (ranked 27th in the Best B-school in world-Financial Times)

Qualified for undergoing Berkeley-Nanyang Advanced Management Programme, conducted by Nanyang Business School, Singapore (ranked 27th in the Best B-school in world-Financial Times). The Berkeley-Nanyang Advanced Management Programme (BNAMP) is a joint initiative between Haas School of Business (Haas) at University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley), USA, and Nanyang Business School (NBS) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.
The first-of-its-kind programme in Asia
The first programme in Singapore and the region to provide a Direct Pathway to earn academic credits toward the Nanyang Executive MBA (EMBA) Degree.
The first fully residential public executive programme offered in Singapore.
Two points of intakes in September and March offer flexibility in joining and completing the Programme.
Certification jointly awarded by UC Berkeley and NTU.
The best of East and West in executive education through close collaboration between two premier universities in the USA and Asia.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Quality Improvement Programme at Banaras Hindu University held from 25th Jan-30th Jan 2010

Presentation of paper on the Synergy between IT and Business Processes, which depicts about a company name Tata Refractories Ltd , which implemented Enterprise resource planning-ERP package, when it was going through a tough downturn with less demand from the user industries because of the technological changes. But Tata Refractories Ltd instead of cutting cost through employee reduction, it invested in the employees through implementation ERP with better syncronization with the present business process making them having competitive edge from the other companies. Today Tata refractories ltd is one of the leading refractory maker in India, exporting to different countries such like Europe, China and Brazil.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

IIPM 4P's Quiz competition held on 22nd July 2009

participation of RATM-MBA students

Book review publication Knowledge Hub-Journal

International Conference at IMT Ghaziabad 7th-8th Sep 2010

The paper submitted on Corporate Social Responsibility as a tool of Branding was accepted paper with the above credential of letter from the reviewer with comments on the paper.
Any company today struggling to establish themselve or the old players have to take the path of Corporate social responsibility-CSR to recreate branding. This case study highlights the company Tata Refractories Ltd, who one time has go through tough time of shut down of plants due to the pollution issue in 2007. But how Tata Refractories Ltd revived their image through the social responsibility activities such as free medical treatment..which fetch TATA Refractories has been conferred the prestigious TERI Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2009 by the President of India on June 5, 2009 at an event organized by The Energy & Resources Institute held at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi ....

International Conference Held at IMS Noida on 3rd -5th Sep 2009

The paper presented on a Case Study : Overcoming Across-cultural Negotiation in doing Business in China. It deals with the company named Tata Refractories Ltd , one of the leading refractory maker in India setting up greenfield operation at China within 8 months span of time. And Tata Refractories China moreover has earned a profit full year of its operation. So it is learning lesson for other companies trying to setup operation whether it is greenfield or brownfield projects have to understand the cross cultural issues like people and process ....for more to read the article..mail your suggestions on

Feedback from the Conference Delegates:

Case study presented was very much relevant to the present economic scenario. The overall presentation made by Saikat Gochhait was Good ! Keep it UP.... Dr. M.R Bhatt(Asst.Professor,, Mob: 09998012219)

Case study was very relevant in today's era of globalization. The presentation made by Saikat Gochhait was focussed more qualitative aspect rather than quantitative....Ms. Sheel Nidhi Pandey(IIM Ahmedabad,, Mob:09879998742)

Case Study was relevant and presentation made by Saikat Gochhait was impressive...(Dr. Niti Sinha, Sr.Lecturer, Mob:09911488924)

Case Study was extremely relevant and presentation made by Saikat Gochhait was informative....(Mr. Mangesh Karandikar(Lecturer-Dept of Commerce and Journalism, University of Mumbai), email:, Mob:09869281084)

Amity University, Jaipur Conference Held on 22nd-23rd Jan 2010

The paper presented on Case study-Refractory information Online, which depicts that any body talking of selling industrial product online might not have taken seriously. But today Steel, Copper , Alluminium and Refractory are being sold online website like metaljunction..and more important is the individual website of the companies. so the above case is about the online information search analysis through different search engines helping in gathering information about a product named refractory-which is applicable in the operation of steel making process usually in furnaces, ladles and tundishes.
So the paper has made to realize that information search through the online on the industrial product have increased with the data illustrated from 2003-2009 in different search engines ex. google. So to get more details about the paper kindly mail on the

Monday, January 18, 2010

Launching of upcoming Taxila Business Review 2010

Shortly we are going to release our 1st Taxila Business we welcome authors, research scholars and students to contribute to the upcoming journal....

Kindly forward your research articles:

Saikat Gochhait-Research Cell :