Sunday, June 29, 2014

Conferrment of Outstanding Management Teacher in Rural Area--2014 Award

Published in Premeya , Berhampur Edition , Page No:9 dated 20th Sep 2014.

Award news published in NIRBHAY daily Oriya , Bhubaneswar -edition dated 21st Sep 2014..available
MTC Global Award News published in the American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol 93, No.9, Page 9...available online 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Print Media Coverage for Ph.D Award 2014

Published in The Daily Newspaper The Samaja, Oriya Edition page 7, Dated 10th May 2014

Published in The Daily Newspaper TIMES OF INDIA,  Bhubaneswar Edition, page 6,  Dated 10th May 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

Ph.D Notification 2014

Review of Ph.D Thesis in Book form

Dr. Saikat Gochhait, passed out his Ph.D from sambalpur university in Marketing from the department of Business Administration on 2nd May 2014, under the guidance of Dr.P.C Tripathy from Sambalpur University. He is son of Shri. Abhiram Gochhait, Ex-employee of Tata Krosaki Refractories Ltd in Department of Community Development with 30 dedicated years of services. His rich experience with Tata Krosaki Refractories Ltd as Trainees from 2005-2007.He has dedicated his career in the research and innovative classroom activities. His thesis has received doctoral bursary award from Coventry University, 2010 and Education Excellence Research Award 2014 for sharing the common platform with other research scholars around the world. His thesis deals with the important subject related to present economic parameters of refractory industries. The thesis depicts with the marketing aspect of the refractory products related to the refractory industries in Odisha. The subject is really an indicator to all the refractory manufacturers, user industries like Steel, Copper etc. in taking up standardization of products in establishing themselves in the domestic as well as international market. As refractory industries have always been ignored due to the size in respect to the user industries like Steel, Copper and Aluminum. So the study will surely be eye opening for the entrepreneurs in getting a due recognition for establishing new refractory industries and reviving the existing sick refractory industries in the long run. The thesis has been highly acclaimed by renowned educationist Prof. Dr. Devmalya Dutta of Burdwan University and Industrialist Shri Kamal Sarda CEO of IFGL refractories Ltd. Dr. K. Abraham renowned educationist from Y.V University, Andhra Pradesh has found Dr. Saikat Gochhait's thesis to be new and innovative researches in the field of refractory industries in India, which will be further very much beneficial to the industry as well as the government.
Dr.Saikat’s thesis depicts about the refractory industries in Odisha faced with different challenges regarding the technological and economical evolution which in some periods pointed out to be extremely severe and putting a sustaining future into question. Nevertheless, The Refractory Industry is one of the very basic industries, without which no thermal processing in subsequent Industries is possible. Some of the major issues considered in the studies are marketing strategies adopted by different refractory industries in Odisha to have  competitive advantages in the local and global market.
Dr.A.K Chattapadhyay, Managing Director of Tata Krosaki Refractories Ltd, Kolkata congratulated Dr. Saikat Gochhait for his achievement. Dr.Satya Bhusan Dash, renowned professor from IIM, Lucknow has highly praised about the research work in the Doctoral Conference held in Jan’ 2012. Dr. Saji Gopinath, renowned professor from IIM Kozhikode expressed positive review on the paper at the doctoral colloquim convention held on March 2013.Dr. Saikat presently working on the Post-Doctoral proposal with Dr.
Fabrício Moraes de Almeida, Federal University of Rondonia, Brazil.

Letter of Thanks :     Dr.A.K Chattapadhyay      

                             Shri Kamal Sarda