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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Upcoming Books .....

The book showcases research on digital entertainment solutions in different sectors. In recent years, digital media have evolved to include bandwidth-rich, smart, and connected platforms accessed via computers, tablets, smart phones, social media, and video game consoles. The high connectivity and vast processing capacity of these platforms have allowed for platform-agnostic, streaming, always-on, entertainment-on-demand consumption of digital content in a way distinct from traditional models of entertainment consumption. Moving beyond the unilateral delivery of content, with fixed positions of the entertainers and the entertained, digital entertainment is now dynamically generated by users and providers, blurring the boundary between producers and consumers of entertainment. With the increasing accessibility of multimodal media that surround audiences with sensory-rich information, digital entertainment is becoming more immersive.

The book presents the results of studies on selected problems (such as predictive model of transcription initiation and termination, protein recognition codes, protein structure prediction, feature selection for disease prediction, information retrieval from medical imaging) of Bioinformatics and Information Retrieval. Information Retrieval is one of the contemporary answers to new challenges in threat evaluation of composite systems. This book provides a practical course in computational data analysis suitable for students or researchers with no previous exposure to computer programming. It describes in detail the theoretical basis for statistical analysis techniques used throughout the textbook, from basic principles. It presents walk-throughs of data analysis tasks using different tools to help in taking decisions in healthcare management.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Presently doing my research on cross trait relationship between India and Taiwan at National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan under MOFA Taiwan Fellowship 2019. Sharing my research experience doing abroad - here's why

1. Doing Research in New Areas
It was indeed great experience doing collaborative research with Professor from National Dong Hwa University on the topic which is unique and interesting too. Learning about this would be something I would be hard pressed to find in the India, and was an opportunity completely unique to Taiwan. India may be growing with population but Taiwan is growing with new technology faster than India.

2. Knowledge Sharing
It's important to enjoy the opportunities at the host universities by using library resources, auditing courses, participating in seminars and interacting with professors , scholars and students to learn new knowledge with new culture too. 

3. Learning Opportunities
In addition, international experiences create important learning opportunities to broaden professional and personal perspectives. As faculty member, our international academic experiences could influence university education through our instruction and curriculum, which directly or indirectly affects the education of students.

The development of a more coordinated system of faculty and students  exchange through international visiting scholars would be meaningful – not only for individual scholars but also for institutions, to help enhance research and teaching capacities as well as internationalisation generally. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Conducted Faculty Development Programme 2018

Organized faculty development programme on teaching methodology in English in Business School curriculum at Department of Economics ( University of Extremadura, Spain) on 19th March 2018

1st International Conference " Family Business in the Arab World" 2018

Attended 1st International Conference on Family Business in Arab World from 7th -8th March 2018 at American University of Sharjah: This conference gave me platform to interact and connect with leading international researchers and academics from different part of country to discuss on the Family Business in the Arab world. The paper titled : "The effect of tribalism, Islam and nationalism in the family capital- family firm resilience relationship in Arab countries : evidence from western Sahara" was selected among the best paper and supported with travel grant

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Womenprenuership Skill Developmwent Workshop 2017

To mark women's Day workshop was organized under the flagship of Dr.Saikat Gochhait -Head of ASBM Business Incubator centre with renowned women entrepreneurs from Odisha to pitch there Startup with girl students from different colleges and institutes with best 3  startups were awarded.