Saturday, January 23, 2010

International Conference Held at IMS Noida on 3rd -5th Sep 2009

The paper presented on a Case Study : Overcoming Across-cultural Negotiation in doing Business in China. It deals with the company named Tata Refractories Ltd , one of the leading refractory maker in India setting up greenfield operation at China within 8 months span of time. And Tata Refractories China moreover has earned a profit full year of its operation. So it is learning lesson for other companies trying to setup operation whether it is greenfield or brownfield projects have to understand the cross cultural issues like people and process ....for more to read the article..mail your suggestions on

Feedback from the Conference Delegates:

Case study presented was very much relevant to the present economic scenario. The overall presentation made by Saikat Gochhait was Good ! Keep it UP.... Dr. M.R Bhatt(Asst.Professor,, Mob: 09998012219)

Case study was very relevant in today's era of globalization. The presentation made by Saikat Gochhait was focussed more qualitative aspect rather than quantitative....Ms. Sheel Nidhi Pandey(IIM Ahmedabad,, Mob:09879998742)

Case Study was relevant and presentation made by Saikat Gochhait was impressive...(Dr. Niti Sinha, Sr.Lecturer, Mob:09911488924)

Case Study was extremely relevant and presentation made by Saikat Gochhait was informative....(Mr. Mangesh Karandikar(Lecturer-Dept of Commerce and Journalism, University of Mumbai), email:, Mob:09869281084)