Saturday, March 27, 2010

National Seminar on Emerging Trends and prospects in Rural India-Bikaner on 2nd-3rd Oct 2009

It was rare opportunity for students if NIMS to partcipate in any competition , but one of the students of MBA-Intergrated made it be part of the National Seminar on Emerging Trends and Prospects in Rural India on 2nd and 3rd Oct 2009 at Bikaner. As there were partcipants from different college and B-schools to have a platform of putting their best effort of presentation on different topics related to the Theme on Rural aspects.
Ms.Shruti Upadhayay-MBA-Integrated
She participated and had talked on the topic -Case study-PAN PRD Retail Sector-as retail industry is one of the major industries in world, whereas China retail industry is the third largest emerging retail market. The above case deals with the strategies which China has implemented to be ahead of US and India...any further suggestion kindly mail on